Good Shepherd Lutheran Church


PLEASE CONTACT either the Montana ELCA - Pastor Brenda Frelsi at 406-453-1461 to inquire and

receive further information or contact the Church office at 406-883-5864


 The church has many different forms and that is a good thing, for Christianity cannot be fully expressed in any one denomination or congregation.

     Good Shepherd Lutheran is one group of Christians,

who worship, learn, serve and proclaim the Gospel of

Jesus Christ with genuine joy.  We are Lutheran Christians,

who respond to God's gift of love with grateful actions.

We enjoy being together as the body of Christ,

we care about nurturing the growth of faith of all people,

and we reach out as Christ's Hands to many in need.


   We sincerely invite you to look at the variety of activities and ministry opportunities listed on this website,

and join us in as many as you choose.

     All of us are constantly being called by God to a deeper faith relationship. While we could pursue this alone, seldom does it happen in isolation. It is when we gather together that the encouragement and inspiration of faith, in its many forms, becomes an important rhythm of life.

     Come and claim Good Shepherd as your community of faith!

"Growing in             faith                     for                 111 years!"

Sunday Services:


                   Church                   Youth Activities/  

Worship Service          Sunday School          Fellowship Time          *Adult Bible Study          Choir Rehearsal

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                  9:00AM                                                                                                                                           Calendar of Events