THANK YOU!  To the generosity of the congregation.

Through your continued giving, the Church is able to pay the expenses

and stay on budget for offering.

We are truly blessed!


The Audio Visual committee is doing a fundraiser for the money needed to purchase some video camera equipment.

Once the camera is purchased, it will be integrated with the computer and the sound system
for a better quality live streaming Facebook feed for Sunday worship.
Donations can be mailed to the Church with a memo noted   "AV Fundraiser"

In this time of looking for better ways to give our offerings and donations,

several methods have been looked at.

Mailing in of the offering envelopes has been working well for many.  Thank you.

An online process will be to expensive with the extra fees that are attached to them.

The best automated approach is to contact your banking institution directly and setup an auto pay through them. 

Please call the Church Office if you have any questions.