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Christmas doesn’t come in packages or bags.

It doesn’t come wrapped with bright bows or tags.

It’s not bought in buildings of steel and cement.

You can’t click on it and have it sent.

It isn’t electronic, digitized, or remote.

It isn’t determined by majority vote.

It can’t be controlled by calendar constraints.

It won’t be defeated by denial or complaints.


Christmas comes to us from God above,

And shows up in actions of caring and love.

Sometimes it comes with discomfort or pain,

Or a sacrifice made for another’s gain.

It is felt in a handshake, a pat, an embrace.

It is shown as compassion or joy on a face.

It is spoken and heard in laughter and song;

Savored in memories of fragrance long gone.


It’s free; not bought on sale at the mall,

For the Spirit of Christmas is God’s gift for all.


Karen Gunderson


December 1999

The power of Prayer

is the fastest thing on Earth..
It reaches God before you even say it.

"Every second of every day is God's gift to us.  Enjoy the present"