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For God so loved the world

that He gave his only son.

Could you ever give up a child,

even only one?

Do we love the world enough

to do what God may ask?

To love our neighbors as ourselves

should be an easy task.


Respect each other's differences. 

Listen closely when others speak.

Compromise is the solution

to the peace that we all seek.

Patience is a virtue

and a necessary skill.

You may not always agree

but trust sometimes you will.


It's been said, "Be slow to anger

and be quick to forgive."

That is still good advice

for how we all should live.

If we really love this world

we all must do our part.

Show kindness to each other

and keep Jesus in your heart.

Karen Gunderson




The power of Prayer

is the fastest thing on Earth..
It reaches God before you even say it.

"Every second of every day is God's gift to us.  Enjoy the present"