FEBRUARY 21, 2021 @ 11:05AM

The meeting will be in person only at the Church.  A quorum of 35 voting Congregational Members is needed.

Please plan to attend!  Thank you

Should you have any questions, please call the office 883-5864 or Council President, Bill Burkitt.

Dear Christian Family,

Information Regarding Worship in Good Shepherd Lutheran Church


We respect the decisions of all, whether it is to stay home or come to church. Those who are at high risk from the Coronavirus are urged to exercise caution. All who choose to attend worship at this time are assuming the risk of doing so.

Anyone who is feeling ill, who may have been exposed to the virus or have been directed by medical personnel to shelter at home are asked to refrain from coming to the building.


Everyone who comes is responsible for behaving in ways that protect themselves and others.


As we care for the well-being of one another, we will be doing the following:

            -A greeter will open the door for you upon arrival.

The doors will be open from 9:30-10:00 AM.

Please maintain space entering and exiting the building.


            -You will wear a mask upon entering the building.

If you do not have a mask, we will provide one for use at the church.


-We will maintain physical distance by sitting only in places where a bulletin has been placed on the pew.

            Please sit with members of your family or household and refrain from visiting others before the service.

We will have music while you wait.


            -We will refrain from hugs, handshakes and other physical contact.


            -We will sing along to the hymns mentally, speaking only short responses as printed in the bulletin.


            -Wipes and spray will be provided for all who use the restrooms to sanitize the room after use.


            -Please visit with each other outside on the lawn following worship, maintaining a six foot distance from others.


            The leadership of our church will continue to watchfully and prayerfully considering

                        when to resume singing, communion and other activities.


The Good Shepherd Church website is a resource to connect to many of the activities regarding Church information.

The Church Council worship liaison, Diane Cummings will continue to be part of the Sunday Worship team to provide an extra cantor, scripture reader and backup service leader.

Most of the door codes are still removed. If you had a code and need to access the Church,

please call the Church and make an appointment to enter the Church.

Should you have any questions, please call the office 883-5864 or Council President, Bill Burkitt.


Temporary Precautions That Will Be In Place To Keep All Of Us
As Safe As Possible.
SYMPTOMS of Covid-19 Virus:
             1.  Temperature of 104 of higher
             2.  Cough that comes from low in the chest
             3.  Difficulty in breathing
             4.  Chills

Procedure for AVOIDING Covid-19 Virus:
          Use Soap.  It is necessary to use a disinfectant. 
Scrub your hands for 20 seconds (say the Lord's Prayer). 
Pay attention to your thumbs, under your finger nails and in the creases of your hands.
Keep your hands away from your face.
When you sneeze or cough, do so into your arm in the elbow area, not into your hands (this just goes into the air).
It is not necessary to wear a mask if you do not have the infection. 

State of Montana Health Dept. Coronavirus Hotline  1-888-333-0461
Common Sense Precautions at Good Shepherd
Here’s what we are doing to keep everyone safe:
- Using recommended janitorial procedures to sanitize surfaces.
- Ushering, greeting and communion procedures have been adapted.
- Greet and be seated upon arrival instead of visiting in entryway.
- Keep your distance from others. Spread out in church.
- Be mindful of what you touch.
- Please stay home if you are ill or vulnerable.

The Church Task Force are following the local and national information guidelines about the Coronavirus.
Per Governor Bullock