Pastors Page

   Thank you to all who have hosted, helped plan or attended Get Acquainted Gatherings. I have enjoyed hearing your stories and thoughts about our church! Some groups have a lot of story tellers and run longer than planned—one host suggested that I set a timer for all the guests’ introductions—and some have shorter introductions and longer discussions about church but all has been good. We have people with varied backgrounds, ranging from some who have lived their whole lives in this community and some who have traveled the world. Some who were baptized and raised in Lutheran churches and some who came to Lutheranism later in life. Some are from large families and some are from small ones. All are loved by God, however, and all have a connection to Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and to Jesus the Good Shepherd.

My hope and prayer is this time we spend together will strengthen our relationships, not only between pastor and people but also with one another; that we might build a strong foundation for our work together in days and years to come. Just as many are working to plan and prepare our Harvest Dinner to benefit our church and community, so I hope these Gatherings we have will result in a bountiful harvest for the people of God.

If you haven’t been to a Gathering yet, please don’t worry. We will be working on this for the next few months. More information about the Gatherings is elsewhere in this newsletter; however, what I’d like to do here is to encourage you to come.



Rev. Melanie Martin-Dent


     It is with great anticipation that we welcome Pastor Melanie to be our pastor here at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.  Polson is such a great place to live, abounding in many of God’s most wonderful natural beauties.  We look forward to hearing your ideas about ministry and outreach, and we hope to work together, with you, as a team as we go forward, united as one body of Christ.  Blessings to you, and may GSLC be a “light shining upon a hill”!